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Dhaka Times24.com is an based online daily newspaper of Bangladesh, published from Dhaka in Bangla language. It provides news about Bangladesh from local and regional perspectives and covers international news as well. Dhaka Times24.com is considered a popular online newspaper in Bangladesh and takes an editorial stance that favors the Bangladesh’s over all development. Mr. Arifur Rahman serves as editor of this news portal.


Dhaka Times24.com has very rich news portal in Bengali language http://www.dhakatimes24.com, its contents are very useful which is important for develop your daily life. Whatever news or information news reader wants, they can easily get from the Dhaka Times website archive as well.

Till December, 2014; 258,113 people liked Dhaka Time page in Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/dtimes24, so it is easy to guess that Dhaka Times is also very popular in world best social media platform. For measuring world wide website ranking by http://www.alexa.com, Dhaka Times present position till December 2014, 11,056 in Global Rank and 43 in Bangladesh, their bounce rate is 18.10% and 94.6% reader read it through internet from Bangladesh.

This Bangladeshi news portal is published from Dhaka with the following contact details:

Address: 44 Escaton garden (Ground floor), Ramna, Dhaka-1000
Phone: 8314901, 8318867
Fax: 02 8318043

email: editor@dhakatimes24.com, info@dhakatimes24.com , dhakatimes24@yahoo.com